Quality Materials.

Using the right material in each space is key in interior design. Not all materials fit well in any room although today there are technical solutions for almost everything. Put natural wood parquet in the kitchen? We will all agree that either you never cook or assume its rapid deterioration. Although we love both wood and natural stone, for its beauty and authenticity, in humid places, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, the use of ceramics or other alternatives of high resistance is recommended.

What characteristics should the materials of any project have?

Nowadays, many materials can be used in a room. Natural stone, wood, ceramics, etc. As many ideas as you have in your head to decorate your space. However, the only thing that has to be common to all the materials you choose is quality.
Quality is one of our two fundamental premises for all our activity together with the uniqueness . That is why we always try to optimize the budget taking into account that the quality of materials and execution are not affected. A final quality result is a guarantee of aesthetic and functional durability. Choosing a dubious quality material, however beautiful or cheap, is never a good option. Since what you save first, you spend it on repairs or replacements in a short time.

The quality of the materials is related to the durability

When we talk about quality in materials we are used to referring to its durability and its nobility. "Durability means what lasts a lot", With this simple and concise phrase this concept can be easily defined. For us it is a matter of professional honesty, responsibility with the spaces we create and promise of timelessness.

A quality material will last a lot and something that has a long duration will be of quality. In other areas this idea is very clear, for example in clothing. Although the value of the brand can increase the price and confuse our notion of quality, the clothes made with good materials last longer in good condition. With the materials used in interior design something similar happens. Although we can find many similar aesthetic alternatives at a much cheaper price, quality materials translate into better conservation and aging conditions. The low quality, aesthetic as it may be, does not survive well with the passage of time.