How We Work.

Even if every project is different and unique in it's own self, the starting process is always same. Our process is transparent and really easy to understand. The entire process is hassle-free and easy, giving you every minor details before the start of the project.

Below we have mentioned major steps of our work process, however these steps may change if required by client or site.

Some Easy Steps we follow


Listening to you Needs.

Listening is an important part of our work.Our designers carefy listen and understand your requirements as everyone has a unique and different need as per their lifestyle and available space.


Creating a Design.

Once our designers have noted down your requirements, Our team go ahead and create a defined 3-D image of proposed interior space which will include all fittings, laminates, designs, positioning and lighting.


Finalizing a Design.

After a 3-D image is created, We confer with you for any changes in the created 3d image,recreating the said image if you feel any changes are needed.


Signing an Agreement.

Once all details are finalised regarding the material and design of proposed interior,you will be required to sign an agreement which will include all the finer details such as estimated time of completion and estimated budget decided for project that were decided earlier. Along with the said agreement, You will be required to pay 25% amount of the estimated budget as advance payment.


Starting the project work.

Once agreement is signed, material required for starting the project work will be delivered to the site within 3 to 4 days, the work on the said site will start within 7 days. Once the project starts you can also make changes to your interior design while project work is going on.


Completion of the Project.

we will keep you updated when the work on site is in progress, we will also notify you when work is half way done. After the work is completed, our executives will give a final check to every fine details of our work. We will notify you of completion after our executives confirm that everything is designed and renovated as decided in the agreement.

Even if our process is easy, Nothing starts without a "Hi". Connect with us to know more about our work and ideology.